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People ask: what is your favorite article of clothing in your closet? For myself, it is these lace trim camis from DebShops (though I’ve also found similar items at Torrid and Ross stores). They are under $10, but are currently on sale for $6. The are the “staple” of my entire wardrobe. I wear one under a shirt 95% of the time. 

For myself, it adds a layer to sheer or see through tops, and gives a little more confidence to the way things fit. A little bit of lace, color coordinated with what other article of clothing I’m wearing, just looks very cute to me. They’re also perfect to wear alone on hot summer days! I love to have a few plain colors, like black and white that go with everything, and pretty colors like purple or pink.  

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      Also if you are between 1X-3X gstagelove has these for like $5 and they are in like 30 colors, I’ve gotten a couple of...
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